Seminars and Symposia

Bajir s. r. o. comprehensively ensures the participation of your clients at foreign professional congresses and symposia:

  • recommendations of suitable premises according to the type and objective of the professional event (throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia)
  • the inclusion of the long-life learning systems, including the allocation of the relevant number of credits
  • graphic work and printing
  • specialized internet registration interface for professional symposia
  • infoline support for foreign congresses and on-line registration
  • transportation of clients to symposia all over the Czech Republic
  • accommodation
  • complete service design of stalls at congresses (design, appearance, construction)
  • hostess
  • complete audiovisual technology setup
  • catering (including "experiential")
  • creative diversification of the programme according to the ethical rules of the AIFP and the relevant internal pharmaceutical company rules
  • translations of accompanying materials, lectures, promotional leaflets, contracts, etc.
  • conference interpreting, simultaneous interpretation of speeches and discussions
  • installation and operation of sound systems, interpreting equipment, booths for interpreters

We provide both one-time large symposiums and small seminars, as well as a series of local lectures and workshops.

We always offer an optimum and minimum budget variant, so that the client can choose according to his preference.